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R.E.M. - Perfect Square (2003)

Filmed in Wiesbaden, Germany on 19 July '03, PERFECT SQUARE captures REM's live show at the city's beautiful Outdoor Bowling Green. The concert includes 23 songs from the band's entire history, complete with rare tracks voted for by REM's fans, including the first ever official release of a long-lost song, Permanent Vacation.
Also included is the REM documentary, A Stirling Performance, featuring live and documentary footage from the band's legendary Stirling Castle performance in Scotland in July '99.
1. Begin The Begin
2. What's The Frequency, Kenneth?
3. Maps And Legends
4. Drive
5. Animal
6. Daysleeper
7. The Great Beyond
8. Bad Day
9. The One I Love
10. All The Way To Reno
11. Orange Crush
12. Losing My Religion
13. At My Most Beautiful
14. Electrolite
15. She Just Wants To Be
16. Walk Unafraid
17. Man On The Moon
18. Everybody Hurts
19. So Fast, So Numb
20. Country Feedback
21. Permanent Vacation
22. Imitation Of Life
23. It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

REM is captured in a great concert featuring many different periods of their long and enduring carreer as a premiere alternative rock band. The audience is simply amazing, the size and the reation to the show. The fans are treated to many diverse songs as well as some of the hits. The atmosphere at the square is quite different from what an outsdider would maybe expect, clearlyt the adoration is huge. The DVD is highly recommeneded as a memory of a show full of both admiration of the group and audienece for each other respectively. 4 stars.
R.E.M.: Perfect Square

R.E.M.'s 2003 world tour was somewhat unusual in that the band had no new album to support; indeed, most of the tour took place before the Warner Bros. best-of In Time hit stores. With only a few new songs in their arsenal, Peter Buck, Mike Mills and Michael Stipe mined their entire 23-year history and performed around 80 songs over the course of the tour. The band's performance in Wiesbaden, Germany is the basis of R.E.M.'s third concert film, Perfect Square.

Perfect Square was filmed with high-definition video cameras on a single evening, so there's a fairly documentary feel to this release. I think it was a good choice, for a number of reasons. Wiesbaden's Bowling Green is an absolutely beautiful outdoor setting, and the high-definition footage is quite flattering with some vibrant, brilliant colors. The flow and pacing of a single night's performance is captured here, and it's also possible to get a sense of how the band and the crowd fed off each other. Since R.E.M. is still quite popular in Europe and drew a sizable crowd to Bowling Green, that's a considerable advantage. Buck, Mills, and Stipe all seemed genuinely pleased with their warm reception, and it was good to see that side of the band.

That the Wiesbaden performance was a damn good concert doesn't hurt, either. It kicks off in high gear with the energetic Begin the Begin from Lifes Rich Pageant, but a few songs later the band shifts to a quieter gear with Automatic from the People's Drive. Mills trades his bass for piano on a number of songs, including one of the more popular songs from the band's post-Bill-Berry period, Up's At My Most Beautiful. (Buck picks up the bass for that track.) Mills' backup vocals also help make the live version of Animal much stronger than the studio version from In Time. Buck's guitar solos give Out of Time's Country Feedback a beautiful haunting quality. While crowd pleasers like Man on the Moon or show closer It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) probably got a stronger response, the strongest performance of the 23-song set is Orange Crush from Green. Buck and Mills just pound through the song while Stipe hammers the lyrics home with a megaphone. (Before starting, Stipe asks the audience, "You OK?" My wife has commented that he was probably thinking, "'Cause we're about to kick your ass with this one." It wouldn't surprise me if she were right.)

Mills, Buck and Stipe are supported on the tour by Scott McCaughey, Ken Stringfellow, and Bill Rieflin. The three have a fairly close working relationship with the band, and the six-piece live unit works very well together. The DVD also includes A Stirling Performance, a 30-minute documentary about the band's 1999 performances at Stirling Castle in a small Scotland town. While it includes a smattering of performance footage and interview clips with all three band members, the focus of the short film is on the town itself and its preparation for the arrival of a world-famous rock band. It's a very nice bonus feature that complements a strong performance.

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Artie Lange: Its the Whiskey Talkin (2004)

Artie Lange: It's the Whiskey Talkin' (2004)

Artie Lange, provocative comedian from the "Howard Stern Radio Show" (he can do great impersonations of Italians and Southerners), cracks wise in this appropriately titled one-man show that's a stand-up comic tour de force (read: binge) of Lange's trademark low humor. Overeaters and overdrinkers, prepare to laugh 'til you plotz. And wow, what a comic hangover you'll be facing after spinning this disc!
Starring: Artie Lange
Heads up to all stand-up comedy fans: Artie Lange is a riot! Lange is an irreverent, earthy, 'average joe' from New Jersey who fell into the sweetest gig on the planet, by replacing Howard Stern's old head-writer. Although he's had bit parts (such as a hilarious role as Santa Claus in Elf), and bigger roles (Dirty Work, and others), his stand-up comedy is where he shines. This may not be for the easily offended, but those people don't laugh at anything anyway. Rent this one, it's fun and funny.

Culling bits from his wild and crazy ride of life.. Artie Lange brings comedy to a new level. His raw style fits right in with the nighclub scene letting him shine. From drugs to hookers to gambling to alcohol you never know what's coming next. He's the guy next door.. he's the class clown. He's Artie Lange! This DVD should be in your queue!

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Greatest Reggae & Ska Hits (2002)

Greatest Reggae & Ska Hits (2002)
18 classic reggae songs are presented for you on this compilation, including "One in Ten" by UB40, "Free Nelson Mandela" by Special AKA, "Oh Carolina" by Shaggy, "Close To You" by Maxi Priest, "Celebrate the Bullet" by The Selecter, "Ghost Town" by The Specials, and many more. the next day. Actually there are only 17 clips..The Beat's Tears of A Clown and Smiley Culture's Can't Stop the Rap aren't here but Sophia George's Girly Girly is also Black Slate Amigo the Selecter Celebrate the Bullet Shaggy Boombastic/Oh Carolina Ziggy Marley Tomorrow People/Look Who's Dancing UB40 One in Ten Maxi Priest Close To You Pato Banton w/ UB40 Baby Come Back Special AKA Free Nelson Mandela (88 remix) Boy George Everything I Own (sister George) Culture Club I just Wanna Be Loved Amazulu Wonderful World Beautiful People Specials Ghost Town Boris Gardiner I Want To Wake Up with you and Winjama supergroup w many members Place in the Sun (88 charity single for hurricane victims in Jamaica)
Starring: Boy George, Ziggy Marley, More

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Edgeplay: A Film About the Runaways (2004

Edgeplay: A Film About the Runaways (2004)

"Jail bait" rockers The Runaways tell their own tale -- their hopes, dreams and eventual implosion due to incessant media hectoring, infighting among the band members and chronic drug use. Directed by Victory Tischler-Blue, the film shows what it was like for six teenage girls to gain notoriety in an era hostile to female musicians. Includes live performances, a special appearance by Suzi Quatro and new songs by Quatro and Lita Ford.
This documentary would have been allot better without all of the "arty" camera tricks and distracting postproduction effects. The tragic story of the Runaways is engaging enough on its own without all of the "impressionistic" editing tricks. (The dreaded MTV circa 1992 "shaky-cam" is in full effect during most of the band interview segments, Ugh! when will people STOP with that dated technique!) Some really great vintage Runaways concert footage is rendered less enjoyable by "updating" with slo-mo, stutter-stops, and unnecessary wipes. Its like somebody trying out EVERY available plug-in on their desktop video editor just because its there. Despite all of this, the film is still a must-see for anybody interested in the rise and fall of one of the first all female hard rock bands of the 1970s. Minus: Joan Jett apparently wanted nothing to do with this film and therefore only appears in the old band footage. That’s a shame; her insight on the Runaways would have been a huge asset to the film. Plus:Suzi Quatro makes an appearance in the film AND on the soundtrack with a really good new song that’s reminiscent of her early, more rocking singles. So rent EDGEPLAY, the Pros outweigh the Cons.

First off...yes, this is a rather amateurish production..but so what. Because Vicki actually played with the other women in the band, the movie is more like friends talking about a common experience with each other. Both Lita and Cherie come off as very well-traveled, road-weary warriors; Jackie and Sandy, on the other hand, come off as rather sad and wistful. Lita's clone (and Jackie's replacement), Vicki, doesn't really have much to say..but she can be forgiven, considering she came along toward the end of things anyways. Despite the lack of Runaways music (a licensing issue, from what I understand), it's still an interesting, albeit flawed, documentary about a very underrated rock band. And it's a shame that Joan couldn't be bothered to offer her side of things at least a little (get over it Joanie...hell, Chachi moved on, why can't you?). One last aside..the movie is full of Lita's excellent solo music in the background....where that's new album though, Lita...huh ?
This documentary starts off assuming that you at least know some of the Runaways story and the roles people played. This isn't the Beatles anthology but more like a scrap book put together by the Runaways second bass player. Still , being a fan I enjoyed the insights of the former members. Joan Jett's absence is conspicous but she is discussed at length by the other members. One last comment , dummer Sandy West states that the band should have never broken up. Given how everone they got invloved with screwed them over , they would have eneded up like the band Badfinger where two member hung themselves.

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Most Recent Reviews
4.0 Stars
(See my other reviews ...)
There are several in-depth and intelligently written reviews about this documentary which I just caught on cable. Instead of agreeing or refuting any of them, a few facts need to be clarified. Joan Jett and her absence is mentioned in several reviews and it's fairly certain she has some issues with the band and its members since reportedly, she herself declined to take part in this documentary. However, director Vicki Blue (also a former member of the band) has given ample time and compiled in-depth interviews with the many members who came and went through the Runaways' musical revolving door and tell a fairly complete tale of their background (at least as they see it). Though the production techniques are fairly standard MTV-ish fare, director Blue not only has her own film and television production company but a moderate resume in various aspects of production. Again, due to Jett's non-participation, there's little real Runaways' tunes offered in the soundtrack though there's quite a bit of Lita Ford and Suzie Quatro solo material, a cover tune here and there and a few new and original tunes by them to boot and it was Quatro who indeed played "Leather Tuscadero" in a few of the "Happy Days" t.v. shows. An interesting documentary which may revive interest in the band. Wonder if a re-union tour might be in the works some day soon?!

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3.0 Stars
LA from Baltimore, MD
(See my other reviews ...)
"Edgeplay" is a decent (but largely unsatisfying) doc about the rise and fall of The Runaways that is severely hampered by a lack of outside perspective and the conspicuous absence of Joan Jett in the interview segments. The cinematography is unfortunately below average, giving much of the film the feel of a low-rent music video. A wider pool of interview participants (rock writers? concert promoters? members of other bands on the LA scene in the 1970s?) and more archival footage of the band in it's prime could have made this an excellent band biopic, on par with The Ramones' "End Of The Century." Too bad.

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2.0 Stars
Honest Abe
(See my other reviews ...) 2 out of 4 people found this review helpful.
the first red flag that this is a stinkbomb is that joan jett did not participate in this. yes, that's right a film about the runaways without joan jett. I can only guess that she didn't participate because she didn't want to be associated with such a poorly made movie. The film was put together by vicki blue who replaced jackie fox on bass. This movie serves as her video scrapbook, something a high schooler would put together to remember the glory days. One very funny moment is when she tries to make a big deal about her blackouts/seizures and lita ford shuts her down by stating that, no she doesn't find them revelant at all. the thing that is most sickening about this documentary is the kim fowley bashing (a good alternate title would be- kim fowley touched my hoohoo, and i'm still crying about it) I mean they wheel out crying mothers and cherie curie goes so far as to say he should be killed. It is like watching montel or one of those 'human interest' pieces on 20/20 or primetime live. Another sickening display is sandi west's whinefest at the end, where she asks why they had to break up? They were a gimmicky band of teenage girls, what kind of shelf life does a band like that really have? If you really want to see a great film about the L.A. scene at the time, rent "the mayor of sunset strip" instead. kim fowley doesn't come off like a child molester in it (just an insane perv) and joan jett is actually in it.

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5.0 Stars
CI from Tampa, FL
(See my other reviews ...) 2 out of 3 people found this review helpful.
This was a good movie that would have been great if Runaway Joan Jett had not selfishly been a non-participant. That the Director let Jett come out still looking like roses is a credit itself. Very interesting scoop in this movie for any JJ, Lita Ford, or Runaways fan and worth a look for non-fans as well.

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2.0 Stars
ALLAN HEIFETZ 2 out of 7 people found this review helpful.
The biggest problem here is that a former member of the Runaways (Vicky Blue, the replacement for the original bass player) is the director of this film and she doesnt bother to tell us this factr until her interview subjects mention it. Blue is obviously an amateur and used this film as an excercise in personal growth rather than a real documentary, which it should have been. Blue never bothers to talk about the songs themselves, whether they charted or not and she would have benefitted from more talking head expetts in rock history to talk about the Runaways in a historical and cultural perspective! This film is of course interesting but the the film itself is sloppy, hard to watch( due to all the terrible camera work and ridiulous "plug-in" effects. A wasted opportunity.

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2.0 Stars
HL from NY 1 out of 5 people found this review helpful.
Without Joan Jett's participation in telling the story or even her voice on the soundtracks, this isn't the Runaways. The soundtrack is mostly Litta Ford and may relaunch her career. It's good but it's not the Runaways. People I criticize Joan for not participating but perhaps she didn't want to dredge up a lot of better memories. One person said "move on" or "it over it", but she did and she moved on musically and she then the most successful career. Anyway, without the original music, you don't get to hear the runaways. There are clips, etc., but there's no Joan Jett on that soundtrack. And you don't hear one major participants side of the story. Nonetheless it's a poignant story a sleazy promoter and young girls who really want to make music, working hard for absolutely nothing. Obviously there was a lot of fighting but they don't dredge up a lot of dirt, which is good. There is a story here but it's not a complete story. Once Joan Jett decided not to participate I think it was a mistake to make a movie. However if your big fan of the Runaways, there's still plenty of interest in this movie. Do not watch it to think you're learning the full story. If you've never heard their music, I would advise you to get one of their all records after hearing this, so you can hear them as they sounded. Still, it's interesting to hear from the other members of the band. I ask she would have liked to have given it to and a half stars.

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1.0 Stars
galen campbell 0 out of 4 people found this review helpful.
The producers of this movie were obviously unable to secure the rights to any Runaways' music for the film besides 2 lame covers performed live. I had a feeling this movie was going to be mediocre when I rented it and I was still disappointed. The lack of the great music they produced and the negativity of the bandmembers towards each other will make any fan question their admiration of this group while watching this film. Joan Jett was wise to not to be involved in this catfight.

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More New Wave (2002)

More New Wave (2002)
A collection of 80's hit videos from some of the decade's biggest New Wave acts. Human League, Kim Wilde, Hue & Cry, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Culture Club, Go West, and Heaven 17 are some of the superstar artists included.
Starring: Duran Duran, Marc Almond
I've listed all the videos below because I always like to know what's on a disc before I rent it. I figure it should help in your rental decision. This particular DVD contains an "original sound" option and an "enhanced sound" option. Total: 18 Videos China Crisis - Black Man Ray Heaven 17 - Temptation Duran Duran - Save A Prayer Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? Kim Wilde - Cambodia Kajagoogoo - Too Shy Spandau Ballet - Only When You Leave Ultravox - Vienna Climie Fisher - Rise To The Occasion Living In A Box - Living In A Box Jesus Loves You (Boy George) - Generations Of Love Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science Marc Almond - Tears Run Rings Dexy's Midnight Runners - Geno Go West - We Close Our Eyes Hue & Cry - Looking For Linda Fun Boy Three - Tunnel Of Love Human League - Human So many highlights on this disc! Ultravox is easily my favorite here, followed very closely by Duran Duran. Though Save A Prayer is classic, it's not a very inspired choice, and that comes from a huge fan of them too. Also great to see on this disc are Heaven 17, Marc Almond, Fun Boy Three and amazing... a Dexy's Midnight Runner's video that's not "Come On Eileen"? That was pretty unexpected! The other videos are quite fun as well, though Human League's "Human" wouldn't exactly be my first choice, as I much prefer their earlier output. Perhaps "Mirror Man" can make it onto a future compilation? Oh, and more Ultravox, please! All in all, I can heartily recommend this disc to anyone nostalgic for new wave classics.


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Johnny Cash: Hurt: A Film by Mark Romanek (2003)

Johnny Cash: Hurt: A Film by Mark Romanek (2003)

This is only the 5 minute video for the Nine Inch Nails cover version of Hurt. While it may not seem like a value it is one of the best, moving videos ever.5 stars
Johnny Cash was one of the 20th century's greatest and most influential musicians, and his classic tales of love and hate have inspired countless cover versions throughout the years. So it seems oddly fitting that for his own swan song, Cash chose to perform a cover himself: Nine Inch Nails' elegiac "Hurt," a song informed by loss, regret, and the mournful passage of time. ... a moving final tribute to the legendary Man in Black.


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Suzi Quatro: Leather Forever (2004)

Suzi Quatro: Leather Forever (2004

It's been a long time since I have dusted off my Suzi records. She was a tough girl long before the Runaways and other females started rocking the scene and is hardly remembered at all. A nice DVD is out now, but it does little to honor her pioneering work. Here are a few other reviews.
Well, I have to say that I was looking forward to this title as i'm a Suzi Quatro fan. Unfortunately this was horribly directed and a diservice to a wonderful performer. Hopefully someone with more talent will decide to give us something better in the future.
I've seen better editing from PC's using Pinnacle. Suzi Quatro is rarely seen by her US fans. One would hope that the director, editor, and cinematographer would have made a point of showing more Suzi and less strobe effects. I'm talking about 10-20 frame edits! And seriously! How many times do we really need to see the keyboardist's fingers? The timing of the editing was so off-beat that close ups of the drummer didn't even sync with the music. And Ms. Quatro's close-ups were usually out of frame. They even strobed the ending credits! Pity! I was looking forward to this production. I'm glad I didn't buy it.

I was a kid in England during Suzi's reign, and loved her for years, but I have to say I was dissapointed by this DVD. I could look past the poor editing that was mentioned in other reviews but when it came to the sound mix the only word that comes to mind is HELP! I'm not sure who thought a loud horn section was a great Idea, but when you can barely hear the guitar and bass in rock band there could be a problem. Watch this for nostalga. Watch this for Suzi. Please don't rent it for the sound
Reading the previous reviews has me genuinely curious as to whether we saw the same video. The concert is a fairly short one, consisting of most of Suzi's well-known classics like 48 Crash and Can The Can, in front of an appreciative, though subdued crowd of aging rock fans. Although not a high-budget widescreen, 12-camera affair, it's a perfectly professional mid-grade videotaped concert with good multi-channel audio. The overwhelming negativity about the production here has me somewhat mystified, as it's nowhere near as bad as I expected from reading the reviews. Although I agree the editing was a bit patchy, it looks basically like your average TV special from the 80's. Granted it wasn't filmed then, but it's perfectly sharp and watchable, and the sound is actually very good. If I have any complaints, it's only with the inevitable "March of time" factor. Suzi, probably well into her early 50's by now, still looks slender and amazingly youthful up there in her trademark leather pants, but with a new "CNN/soccer mom" hairstyle that makes her look too tame and suburban for the occasion. Instead of the Biker-looking tough-guy band you remember, there is now a very clean-cut pop-looking band with a horn section. In other words, if you were hoping to see the edgy "Queen of Hard Rock" from the 70's, you're kind-of getting the middle-adged non-threatening Vegas version. But hey, it's probably the only Suzi show we'll get on dvd, and for that it's definately worth a look.

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The Clash: The Essential Clash (2003)

The Clash: The Essential Clash (2003)
I thoroughly recommend this DVD to all music fans, read some others reviews 4 stars
Formed in 1976, The Clash embodied passion, idealism and political social zeal. Blending rock, reggae, hip-hop and funk, they were the cutting edge of the punk scene. This disc, an essential primer for fans of the influential group, includes tracks such as "White Riot," "Complete Control," "Tommy Gun," "Clampdown" and much more. Also includes a "Clash on Broadway" theatrical trailer and the group's never-before-seen home movie, "Hell W10."
Starring: The Clash
Great videos it has london calling and radio clash live on broadway it also has a silent movie called "hell w10" directed by joe strummer

JH from Follansbee, WV
(See my other reviews ...)
Must see for all clash fans,all the videos are on this dvd.They have really cleaned up the video and audio on the old live videos,sound and picture are excellent.Special features are not that great but still some interesting stuff in there.

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Reviewer: Hellgate Keeper - See all my reviews
This DVD is the best rock DVD I've ever seen, not even led zeppelin's "the song remains the same" is better than this one. What I've come to do is to write an entire review about the whole DVD.

1.- Clash on Broadway including "London Calling" (live) and "Radio Clash": the London Calling live is really cool, I just love it but the radio clash song isn't that cool. Vote 8.5/10
2.- White Riot: this was the song that made them become famous among "punk" listeners. Vote 9/10
3.- Complete Control: I like it a little bit. Vote 8/10
4.- Tommy Gun: this one is very very very cool and catchy. Vote 9.5/10
5.- Clampdown: this is my second-favorite of this DVD collection. Vote 10/10
6.- Train In Vain: the song in the london calling album is cool, but played in a live concert is even better. Vote 10/10
7.- London Calling: I've seen this video hundreds of times, but I never got bored of it, the song is really great. Vote 9.5/10
8.- Bankrobber: I love this song you just can't immagine, the best on this DVD and the video is just as cool as the song. Vote 13/10 (no kidding)
9.- The Call Up: the only song from Sandinista! album, but it's cool, they should have made a video for "Magnificent Seven" song, but whatever. Vote 8.5/10
10.- Rock The Casbah: very very nice song and funny video. Vote 9/10
11.- Should I Stay Or Should I Go: maybe their most-known song, it's very catchy. Vote 9/10
12.- Career Opportunities: this one is the best song on The Clash album, along with "Jenie Jones". Vote 9.5/10

Special Features:
- HELL W10: this movie is just as cool as any other mafia movie (ok the godfather is a lot better but this one is very cool). You know, music artists aren't that cool in making movies, but this one is really great. Directed by Joe Strummer. Vote 8.5/10

- Promo Footage:
a) 1977: more or less. Vote 8/10
b) White Riot: same as before. Vote 9/10
c) London's Burning: very cool song. Vote 8.5/10

- Discography: here you can check all The clash albums, songs and compilations

- I Fought The Law: many bands have tried to cover this song from Bobby Fuller Four, but I like this one the best. Vote 9/10

- Interview Clip: just an interview on the band

So I guess this is it, I've reviewed anythin that comes on this DVD, and I think it's worth the 15-20 bucks if you like The Clash. Even better than the Westway DVD.

9 of 10 people found the following review helpful:
may not be essential, but is worth every penny, June 28, 2004
Reviewer: A viewer
People say that there needs to be more live footage, more interviews, etc. but for me the pure, raw, frontal power surging from the Clash's performances are plenty enough. People also complain that the videos are not the best. Look at any other video made in that time period! They were all dreadful, cheesy, and of poor quality. But just the fact that the Clash were so revolutionary in that day (and even today) compensates for anything. Personally, I loved all the videos. I'd much rather watch them than any other music video playing on MTV or VH1 today. And as for Joe Strummer's silent movie... a classic. Granted, the plot is hard to follow and the camera work is "sketchy" but that was all they had! What do you expect? There were no digital cameras and computer generated images back then. And I love the way the "old time" b&w movies looked. And this is coming from a 16 year-old.... Strummer's movie may not be an award-winner, but Lord of the Rings couldn't hold a candle to his work. I highly recommend this DVD

A Great Find for Clash Fans !!!!!,

All Clash fans need to buy this DVD for 3 reasons: 1) It features two classic live tracks/footage from 1977 rehearsals that are previously unreleased (amazing stuff), 2) The Joe Strummer silent B&W movie is interesting and features all members in a setting no one has ever seen until now, and 3) We get a few extra moments of from "Clash on Broadway" - their style, stance and attitude were always distinctly ahead of their time. Buy it NOW

Reviewer: Dorian Skullsplitter "Music_Lover" (World) - See all my reviews
The Clash's best songs or most popular, the best were the true punk ones like Clash City Rockers and Whats My Name and all the stuff from the first 2 albums, anyway its got great footage and great songs and i love it!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers: Dead or Alive (2001)

Johnny Thunders Dead Or Alive
This DVD is a great document that captures one of rocks most influential guitarists and figures at a high point, in a career that was sadly marred by too many low points. Here, along with Walter Lure and the famed jerry Nolan on guitar, you will have the opportunity to see the man and his band in an upbeat and moving performance, both physically and emotionally. The best of Thunders can be found on the DVD, ranging from his keynote cover of the classic instrumental Pipeline, to stirring versions of classics like Too Much Junkie Business, Born To Lose, the New York Dolls Classic personality Crisis and more. Included are some outtakes from a French Film and some mini-interviews. One complaint would be that they should have included the extras as one separate section and just let the music flow. A treat of a few acoustic numbers in the middle of the show until Johnny asks the crowd" the acoustic #hit or the electric #hit?" He then breaks off on some Dylan Like A rolling stone before donning the electric guitar and blazing his way out. My, My, hey, hey think the song shoulda been about Johnny Thunders. 4 stars.

A true rock and roll star, Johnny Thunders lived life on the dirty margins. Drug dependency and decadence were part of his everyday existence, and also the cause of his untimely death. Thunders and his band the Heartbreakers are acclaimed for their glam-influenced punk rock, which they produced throughout the late 1970's. DEAD OR ALIVE features a 1984 show reuniting the original members. Their exciting performance of their still-great material includes "Sad Vacation," "Hurt Me," "Chinese Rocks," "Born to Lose," "Like a Rolling Stone," and others. In addition, rare bonus material of the UK Anarchy Tour in 1976, interview footage, and clips from a feature film in which Thunders appeared are also included.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Roxy Music Live at the Appollo

The Bryan Ferry show Live in Paris is a nice set of material from most of the likely sources. Songs included are tasteful cover versions of classics, John Lennon's Jealous Guy, a standout, as well as solo selections from his albums with songs like Let's Stick Together. In addition, classic tracks from the Roxy Music catalogue are found throughout the show, look for Out of the Blue, Avalon and Do the Strand among othewrs. A greeat band, full sound, and nice camera work make for an excellent DVD of an underatted performer. 3 stars.

Roxy Music Live at the Appollo
The early 1970s glam rock band had a hige influence on many of the post new wave acts to appear later in the decade and throughout the next 20 plus years. The band chose a new road by combining the strong musical talents with a twisted sense of character and developed a personality in rock music world that was truly original while being electic. The bands popularity peaked in the late 70s and early 80s and this DVD captures many of the classic songs in a special performance at the Appollo. Frontman Bryan Ferry is still in great shape his voice is strong and the songs are now performed as classic Roxy Music tracks. A must for all Roxy Music fans and worth a look or two for the new kids who may not have heard of this artsy band from way back 3 1/2 stars

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Volume 2 of Saturday Night Live: The Musical Performances
1. Rape Me - Nirvana Listen Listen Listen
2. No More - Neil Young Listen Listen Listen
3. Losing My Religion - R.E.M. Listen Listen Listen
4. Doll Parts - Hole Listen Listen Listen
5. Sabotage - Beastie Boys Listen Listen Listen
6. Been There Done That - Dr. Dre Listen Listen Listen
7. Creep - TLC Listen Listen Listen
8. Tennessee - Arrested Development Listen Listen Listen
9. Acquiesce - Oasis Listen Listen Listen
10. When I Come Around - Green Day Listen Listen Listen
11. Nobody's Fault But My Own - Beck Listen Listen Listen
12. I'll Stand By You - Pretenders Listen Listen Listen
13. One Hand In My Pocket - Alanis Morissette Listen Listen Listen
14. Reminisce - Mary J. Blige Listen Listen Listen
15. Any Time, Any Place - Janet Listen Listen Listen

Here are the tracks found on the second volume.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


This DVD contains a lot of footage from the early days of the Smashing Pumpkins and is filled with a lot of mini interview clips and some acoustic footage and actual performances. The editing is not the greatest, the fragments come and go without any continuity except maybe a chronological order. One is left to guess where each clip is taking place, who the interviewers are, and when the time period is. At least sometimes the songs will help offer some information,.
The Billy Corgan bits are interesting at times, especially the bands relationship comments. The DVD lacks any continuous performances, so it is hard to sit back and enjoy the music. My advice would be to group the songs together in one part and the clips in another, but it is more of a documentary piece. The DVD is actually recommended for the hardcore Pumpkin fans and the casual fans would be bored. It is a long DVD with nearly 3 hours of music. 2 stars

Monday, December 12, 2005


* Format: Color, Enhanced, Live, Ntsc, Widescreen Anamorphic
* Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only. Read more about DVD formats.)
* Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
* Studio: Sony
* DVD Release Date: May 25, 2004
* Run Time: 112 minutes
* Average Customer Review: Based on 100 Reviews
* DVD Features:
o Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), English (PCM Stereo)
o Tracks: At Last, Stay, I Drove All Night, If You Go Away, All Through the Night, Walk on By, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, She Bop, Sisters of Avalon, Change of Heart, True Colors, Shine, It's Hard to Be Me, Money Changes Everything, Unchained Melody, Time After Time, Girls Just Want to Have Fun
o "Stay" music video
o Behind the scenes
o Alternate angles
Two decades after she burst on the pop scene with her She's So Unusual album, Lauper's voice is arguably stronger than ever--an opinion borne out in Live... At Last, a 16-song, 112-minute concert recorded in New York in March, 2004 (the title references both her '03 CD of the same name and the fact that this is her first concert video since 1987's Cyndi Lauper in Paris). Unlike, say, such understated chanteuses as Norah Jones and Diana Krall, Lauper likes to wail, and if the result is occasionally somewhat over the top, it still makes for powerful performances of such familiar material as "I Drove All Night," "All Through the Night," and her biggest hits, "Time After Time" and the salsa-flavored "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." Indeed, Lauper is at her best when she simply rocks (the punkish "It's Hard to Be Me" is another highlight). The French café vibe on "She Bop" is cute but insubstantial. The visuals (shot in high definition and viewed in widescreen) and audio are excellent, while bonus features include Lauper's guided tour of Queens. 4 stars

Product Description:
At Last
I Drove All Night
If You Go Away
All Through The Night
Walk On By
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
She Bop
Sisters Of Avalon
Change Of Heart
True Colors
It's Hard To Be Me
Money Changes Everything
Unchained Melody
Time After Time
Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Concrete Blonde: Still in Hollywood - The Videos

Concrete Blonde: Still in Hollywood - The Videos
2002 - USA - Vocal Music

Type: Performance
Rating: NR
Running Time: 90 minutes
One of the best college rock bands of the late '80s/early '90s, Concrete Blonde (a name that was given to the band by REM frontman Michael Stipe) collects nine of its music videos for this release. Included are the promotional clips for the hit "Joey," "Caroline," and "Still In Hollywood." ~ Perry Seibert, All MovieConcrete Blonde grew out of the Los Angeles post-punk club circuit that produced bands like X, Wall of Voodoo, and the Go-Go's, but it wasn't until 1987 that the band even recorded its first album. The group was founded by singer/songwriter/bassist Johnette Napolitano and guitarist Jim Mankey, who played bass in Sparks with his brother Earle during the '70s. The two met while working at a studio owned by Leon Russell and were soon recording collaborations at Earle's studio. Seminal alternative band Concrete Blonde unleash their hits in this charming video collection that captures the band at their peak. Tracks: 1. Caroline 2. Everybody Knows 3. Joey 4. Happy Birthday 5. Scebe of a Perfect Crime 6. God is a Bullet 7. Dance Along The Edge 8. True 9. Still In Hollywood 10. IRS Logo Intro 11. Midlife Crisis (Intro) 12. Behind The Scenes Documentary 13. Ghost Of A Texas Ladies' Man 14. Behind The Scenes footage 15. Someday

Friday, December 09, 2005

Pixies Sell Out -- 2004 Reunion Tour DVD

Pixies Sell Out -- 2004 Reunion Tour DVD
the pixies sell out

This two hour-plus DVD documents the Pixies' triumphant return, showing the vast audiences and worshipful reception that this definitive but underappreciated post-punk band was denied in its heyday. There's a whiff of cash-in to the presentation, particularly in its main segment, shot at the Eurokeennes Festival in Belfort, France. Still, the bonus tracks, which include everything from the scruffy, sweat-soaked, goddamn-there's-a-lot-of-people-out-there Coachella Festival to the hometown lovefest at Lowell's Tsongas Arena to the politely crazy reception in Japan to a transcendent Move Festival show, demonstrate that the Pixies still know how to kill in a stadium, even if they are doing it primarily for money.
The DVD opens with a medley of "Bone Machine", with short bits taped at half a dozen venues worldwide edited into a single fairly cohesive version of the song. It was perhaps intended to prove that the Pixies played to sold-out, adoring crowds in a UN's worth of nations, but what it really proves is that they did the same damned show -- same tempo, same guitar riffs, same drum bills, same screams, same stolid delivery -- everywhere they went. You realize that this is an Epcot Center-style rock show, a faithful and very entertaining replication of the Eiffel Towers and Colosseums of indie-rock history, but without the blood, sweat and history that made them matter.
After this introduction, the vast majority of concert footage comes from the Eurockeennes Festival in Belfort, France in July 2004, surely one of the most massive and worshipful of all the shows the Pixies played during their year-long nostalgia trip. As a Catholic, Black has been known to toss out spectators who stage dive or hector drunkenly or otherwise misbehave, so he must be gratified with the museum-quality reception he receives here. The crowd is euphoric, singing along to nearly every song, bouncing up and down to the rocking ones, swaying communally to the slower ones.
The songs, too, are great. If you were one of the people up front when Black and Deal began yelping out the discordant vocal intro to "River Euphrates", or when that irresistible bass line from "Bone Machine" started, or when Santiago singed his slide finger in the frantic solo from "Vamos", you would undoubtedly have called this a great live show. Still, when you view the show from a distance, you notice that no one in the band besides Lovering seems to be having much fun, that there's very little interaction or even eye contact;, in fact, the people in the Pixies are standing so far apart that it's hard to get two of them in the camera frame. They're not mailing it in -- it's much better than that -- but there's none of the palpable joy and excitement of being together that you might have seen at recent reunion shows for Gang of Four, Sebadoh or Mission of Burma.
There is less intensity, even, than at the Frank Black and the Catholics shows I've seen over the past several years, where a lap steel rendition of "Monkey Gone to Heaven" felt like a ghost called up in a seance, or where a surprise revisit to "Where is My Mind?" was almost blotted out by the crowd's singing. The Pixies play both of these songs, but in "Monkey Gone to Heaven", Black, clearly losing his voice, cracks on the transcendent "Then God is seven" moment.
The concert gains momentum in its second half, starting with "Hey", where Black's single word intro causes such a wave of applause that the band has to wait 30 seconds to launch into its bass-slithery groove. Even the stock-still Santiago seems to feel it -- a tiny twitch in his shoulder, a slight grimace indicating oneness with the tune. There's even something like an instrumental jam in "Dead", where Black briefly faces Santiago, then Lovering, in a moment of band communion. Later, in the bonus section, we hear that the Pixies changed their set list for every show to stave off boredom, and you sense, when you see Deal clamping a cigarette between her teeth in "Gouge Away", that it didn't quite do the trick.
A band whose members never look at one another has particular difficulties with the dynamic shifts and tempo changes of the Pixies' best songs. After a slow, curiously slurred intro to "Mr. Grieves", the band sounds disorganized and detuned at the uptempo bit. And again with "Crackity Jones", they are closer, but still not absolutely on when the song turns manic. By "Broken Face", they make the connection in a way that has eluded them. The crowd knows it, too, turning euphoric during the pogo-ing "I got no lips / I got no tongue", and pounding their fists to the subsequent "Isla de Encanta"'s Spanish hardcore.
"Here Comes Your Man" elicits a roar of recognition -- this has got to be one of the Pixies' most conventional rock and roll songs -- and Black's voice is more assured and smooth here. The response is even greater with the opening chords to "Where Is My Mind?", as the thousands in the audience join in those spooky "woo-ooh" sounds. The band seem to be gaining some momentum, perhaps feeding off the energy of the crowd. "Vamos", "Wave of Mutilation" and "Gigantic" close the set on a strong note, though not so strong that you wish you'd shelled out that $60 for a Pixies show near you.
The DVD's great mystery is why they chose the Eurockeennes show as the centerpiece, as the bonus tracks are, to a one, better than the cuts in the main concert footage. Clips from Coachella, Boston, Japan and London make the case for the Pixies' live show in a way that the first half of the disc does not. The Coachella cuts -- "Caribou", "Gigantic" and "Into the White" -- have a particular disheveled charm, as the disbelieving band performs before a crowd of 100,000.
The return to Boston is equally triumphant; several generations of Santiago's and Black's families are in attendance. The band is intense and focused and the songs razor sharp, though you imagine Black had some explaining to do to elderly relatives about the "kiss my cunt / kiss my cock" lyrics in "U-Mass".
And finally, the Move festival in Manchester yields transcendent footage of "Where Is My Mind?". The song's eerie, psychotropic energy is somehow stronger in the ordinary, cloudy light of day.
By titling their DVD The Pixies Sell Out, the Pixies are clearly daring people to call them out for cashing in on post-career popularity, and it's tempting to do just that. This is a nostalgia show, with no covers, no banter and no new material, and you can learn every song the Pixies will play by heart before you go, if you haven't already. Still, there's nothing wrong with nostalgia once in a while, and if you catch them on a good night, the Pixies can still deliver. Just make sure you're right up front.


Keep Case
Full Frame -
5.1 Surround Sound - English

Track List:

11. HEY
14. DEAD
21. TAME
36. NO. 13 BABY
42. U-MASS

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Eurythmics - Peacetour (DVD) (2000)

Eurythmics - Peacetour (DVD) (2000)
After almost a ten-year hiatus, Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart are together again in this historic event. Taped on December 6th 1999 at London Docklands Arena, at the conclusion of their 'Peacetour', Eurythmic performs their classic hits and new favorites: "I Want It All," "17 Again," "Missionary Man," "You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart," "Thorn In My Side," "Love Is A Stranger," "When Tomorrow Comes," "I Need A Man," "It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)," "Walking On Broken Glass," "I Saved The World Today," "There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)," "Who's That Girl," "Here Comes The Rain Again," "I Love You Like A Ball And Chain," "Why Would I Lie To You," "The Miracle Of Love," "Sisters Are Doin' For Themselves," "Peace Is Just A Word," and "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These)." # 1/2 stars, great performance and well worth adding to your DVD library.
Cast & Crew
Star Eurythmics
Release Details
Features DVD Features:

Region 1
Keep Case
Full Frame - 1.33
Dolby Digital 5.1 - English
Dolby Digital Stereo - English
Additional Release Material:
Documentary - PEACE TALK (60 Min.)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Inarguably one of the best singer-songwriters of her generation, country-rock goddess Lucinda Williams toiled for decades in obscurity as a critic's darling but a commercial unknown. Although some of her earlier compositions were covered by fellow country queens Patty Loveless ("The Night's Too Long"), Mary Chapin Carpenter ("Passionate Kisses"), and Emmylou Harris ("Crescent City"), it was Williams's Grammy Award-winning 1998 masterpiece CAR WHEELS ON A GRAVEL ROAD that broke her through to a wider audience appreciative of her blues-country-folk-rock tinged with twangy guitar, catchy melodies, poetic lyrics, and trademark gravelly vocals. Williams is captured live in this 1998 appearance on PBS's AUSTIN CITY LIMITS, which has been expanded from its televised half-hour episode to include all 90 minutes of her performance, featuring almost every song from CAR WHEELS ON A GRAVEL ROAD ("Right in Time," "Lake Charles," "Metal Firecracker") as well as tracks from her 1988 self-titled album ("Changed the Locks") and 1992's SWEET OLD WORLD ("Pineola").
DVD Features:
Region (Unknown)
Keep Case
Stereo 5.1 - English
1. Pineola
2. Metal Firecracker
3. Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
4. Right in Time
5. Drunken Angel
6. Greenville
7. Lake Charles
8. Changed the Locks
9. Joy
10. Disgusted
11. Jackson
12. Sweet Old World
13. Passionate Kisses
14. Something About What Happens When
We Talk
15. Still I Long for Your Kiss
16. Can't Let Go

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Pretenders Greatest Hits DVD

This DVD chronicles the long and great career of the Pretenders in video format. The many staples of the early MTV days are all here as well as some rarely seen videos. Also, a few recent additions like "Human" top off a highly recommended DVD set. A great gift. And the extra documentary tells the whole story, short and sweet.
Greatest Hits
Artists The Pretenders
Format DVD
Release Year 1999
Running Time 120 min
1. Introduction
2. Brass In Pocket
3. Message Of Love
4. Don't Get Me Wrong
5. Kid
6. Human
7. I Go To Sleep
8. Forever Young
I Got You Babe
10. Night In My Veins
11. Spiritual High (State Of Independence)
12. Talk Of The Town
13. Stop Your Sobbing
14. Hymn To Her
15. 2000 Miles
16. Breakfast In Bed
17. Popstar
18. Middle Of The Road
19. Thin Line Between Love And Hate
20. Back On The Chain Gang
21. I'll Stand By You
22. Closing Credits
Video Format Full Screen
Extras 45-Minute Documentary No Turn Left Unstoned

Monday, December 05, 2005

Saturday Night Live Music Volume 1

The SNL first 25 years is a gem for fans of the long-standing pioneer late night show. The first disc in the series of 4 captures the live performances that were to become a staple for the show. Remember that this was pre-MTV and not much TV exposure was available for music artists. The acts are an eclectic mix and the performances are now available on separate discs. In addition, the DVD offers some of the great comedy sketch songs and parodies featuring John Belushi, Steve Martin, Gilda Radner, Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and more. Great music acts, plus the music sketches make the main disc and the extras a worthy addition to your DVD library. For the old school fans this is a time capsule, but even the new generation of Saturday Night Live fans would find this interesting. 4 cherries

This is the first of 5 DVDs released in August 2003, with musical performances from the Saturday Night Live TV series, including The Band's November 1976 appearance. They played "Life is a Carnival," "Stage Fright," "Georgia On My Mind," and "The Night They Drove Old Dixe Down" on the show. Only the latter is included on the DVD

* Billy Joel
* Ray Charles
* Carly Simon
* Steve Martin
* Jane Curtin
* Laraine Newman
* Gilda Radner
* Grateful Dead
* Jerry Garcia
* Paul Simon
* Art Garfunkel
* Joe Cocker
* John Belushi
* Bill Murray
* Elvis Costello
* Andy Kaufman
* Dan Aykroyd
* Patti Smith
* Lorne Michaels
* Mick Jagger
* The Rolling Stones
* Peter Tosh
* The Band

Various Artists - Saturday Night Live: 25 Years of Music: Disc 1 (1975) - 86 min. - 2003

Friday, December 02, 2005

Annie Lennox - Live in Central Park ( DVD)

The Dvd showcases the solo work of Annie Lennox with a focus on the Diva album. The performance is flawless and the set includes many expected songs and a few surprises including a great soulful cover of the Clash song Train in Vain. Also, check out the extras, one of the bestbonuses on a DVD. Included are mini-interviews and some great videos that I had not previously seen, including a great cover of the Procul Harum classic A Whiter Shade of Pale. Highly recommneded, for the casual fan as well as anyone looking for a nice DVD concert.
Former Eurythmics front-woman Annie Lennox gives a bravura performance in this free concert recorded in New York's Central Park. The enigmatic singer is famous for her androgynous persona and well-crafted, slightly mysterious pop songs. Songs include "Why," "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)," "Waiting in Vain," "No More `I Love You's'" and more. Also features backstage footage and clips from her music videos

Thursday, December 01, 2005


LOOSE IN LA. The show is a nice run through of the greatest hits and some new material from the latest album at the time of the concert. The band is tight and although only Martin Chambers is still alive from the original lione-up, this collection does a nice job with the older material. The between song chatter is mainly focused on Chrissie apologizing for her voice, talking about the cortisone shot she got in her ass earlier in the day, and how she was so sick that she needed it to make the show. Too bad, maybe they could have recorded a different show for the DVD. Not the best performance, and actually you end up feeling cheated because of her illness. But even a below the weather Chrissie Hynde is far better than whats out there pretending to be music today. 3 stars.
Led by the charismatic Chrissie Hynde, The Pretenders have forged a career for themselves that now runs to over 25 years in the business. Always an engaging live act, this concert was recorded in Los Angeles in February 2003. Touring to promote the "Loose Screw" album, the band perform a variety of old and new material. Tracks include "Brass in Pocket," "Talk of the Town," "Back on the Chain Gang," "Kid," "Precious," and many more.

Cast: The Pretenders

DVD Features:

Region 1
Keep Case
Full Frame - 1.33
Dolby Digital 5.1 - English
Additional Release Material:
Behind The Scenes Footage
Music Video - 1. The Pretenders - You Know Who Your Friends Are
Text/Photo Galleries:

1. Lie To Me
2. Time
3. Message of Love
4. My Baby
5. Talk of the Town
6. Who Your Friends Are
7. Time The Avenger
8. Homecoming
9. Up The Neck
10. Fools Must Die
11. My City Was Gone
12. The Losing
13. Biker
14. Complex Person
15. Nothing Breaks
16. Back on the Chain Gang
17. Don't Get Me Wrong
18. Kid
19. Rebel Rock
20. Night in my Veins
21. Tattooed Love Boys
22. Precious
23. Stand By You
24. Middle of the Road
25. Mystery Achievement
26. Brass in Pocket

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


HI, I will have my personal reviews of various concert films, movies and music video DVDS that I rent from my NETFLIX account. This blog is intended to provide a personal account of the DVDs according to my taste.